Thursday 8th August 2019

Holy Places Visited

  • Dom Sankt Peter [“Cathedral of Saint Peter”], Regensburg
  • Chapel, Frengkofen
  • Expositurkirche Sankt Michael [“Expositus Church of Saint Michael”], Hofdorf (exterior)

Distance Travelled

Approximately 17½ km (11 miles) by boat and approximately 14½ km (9 miles) on foot.


I bought my ticket for a boat trip downstream on the Danube, to the village of Bach, having a nice chat with Antonia in the ticket office about the pilgrimage. I had time to quickly visit Regensburg’s grand Cathedral before embarking on the old-fashioned wooden boat along the river.

After passing the Walhalla landmark I disembarked in Bach and walked on eastwards beside the Danube, visiting the chapel in the village of Frengkofen and generally following the walking and cycling route called the Donau Panoramaweg [“Danube Panorama Way”]. I passed the town of Wörth an der Donau [“Wörth on the Danube”] and the village of Tiefenthal before reaching my accommodation in the village of Hofdorf.

Nearby was a church dedicated to the Archangel Michael. That evening I got chatting to Steve, a musician who was very supportive of the peace pilgrimage.

The equivalent carbon dioxide (CO₂e) emissions from the boat trip have been offset.