Wednesday 11th December 2019

Holy Places Visited

  • Református Templom [“Reformed Church”], Kistarcsa (exterior)

Distance Travelled

Approximately 6 km (3½ miles)


I chatted to Hussain over breakfast and thanked him and his wife for the hotel accommodation before setting off for Kerepes, a town beyond the Budapest city limits in Közép-Magyarország [Central Hungary].

It was a sunny day with temperatures of just 5°C (41°F), although it felt warmer. Almost all of the snow had now melted. I visited the Reformed Church at Kistarcsa and stopped for some lunch.

I got talking to Károly, a shopkeeper who told me he was a Catholic and was very supportive of the pilgrimage. He kindly gave me my first Christmas presents of the year (a scone and some chocolate) and introduced me to his friends Tilla and Péter.

I carried on through a park, featuring a statue of Szent Imre [“Saint Emeric”], then along a quiet lane to my accommodation in Kerepes.