Friday 11th October 2019

Holy Places Visited

  • Kirche Herz Jesu [“Church of the Heart of Jesus”], Landstrasse, Wien
  • Russisch-Orthodoxe Kathedrale zum Heiligen Nikolaus [“Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Nicholas”], Landstrasse, Wien (exterior)
  • Christ Church the Anglican Church, Landstrasse, Wien (exterior)
  • Salesianerinnenkirche [“Salesian Church”], Landstrasse, Wien (exterior)
  • Katholische Kirche zum Heiliger Kreuz [“Catholic Church of the Holy Cross”], Landstrasse, Wien (exterior)
  • Karlskirche [“Karl’s [Charles’] Church”], Wieden, Wien
  • Burgkapelle [“Burg Chapel”], Wien
  • Michaelerkirche [“Michael’s Church”], Wien
  • Katholische Kirche Sankt Peter [“Catholic Church of Saint Peter”], Wien
  • Domkirche Sankt Stephan [“Cathedral of Saint Stephen”], Wien
  • Dominikaner Kirche – Baſilika Minor ad Sankt Mariam Rotondam [“Dominican Church – Basilica Minor of Saint Maria Rotunda”], Wien
  • Griechisch-Katholische Kirche Sankt Barbara [“Greek-Catholic Church of Saint Barbara”], Wien
  • Univerſitätskirche Maria Himmelfahrt [“University Church of Mary’s Assumption”], Wien
  • Elisabethinenkirche [“Elizabeth’s Church”], Landstrasse, Wien (exterior)
  • Rochuskirche [“Roch’s Church”], Landstrasse, Wien

Distance Travelled

Stayed in Wien


I had a busy day exploring Wien, visiting numerous beautiful and ornate churches and walking many miles through the Viennese streets.

Among the places visited were a beautiful Russian Orthodox Cathedral, the huge Karl’s Church, an Anglican Church and the impressive Cathedral of Saint Stephen, where I went up the North Tower for an impressive view of the city.

I also visited the Weltliche Schatzkammer [“Worldly Treasure Room”] where they have on display many important paintings and relics, including the Heilige Lanze [“Holy Lance”], also known as the Spear of Destiny.

That evening I joined a service at the church dedicated to Saint Roch of Montpellier, who is a patron saint of pilgrims.