Friday 9th August 2019

Holy Places Visited

  • Expositurkirche Sankt Michael [“Expositus Church of Saint Michael”], Hofdorf (exterior)
  • Kirche Mariä Himmelfahrt [“Church of Mary’s Assumption”], Pondorf (exterior)
  • Church, Kößnach (exterior)
  • Wallfahrtskirche [“Pilgrimage Church”], Sossau
  • Basilika Sankt Jakob [“Basilica of Saint James”], Straubing

Distance Travelled

Approximately 24½ km (15 miles)


On another hot day, with temperatures reaching up to around 28°C, I set off from Hofdorf eastwards to Aiterhofen. I soon rejoined the Donau Panoramaweg [“Danube Panorma Way”], the scenic walking and cycling route.

In the village of Sossau I stopped for a vegan lunch, where I had a nice chat with a man named Anton and visited the magnificient, ornate Pilgrimage Church.

In the town of Straubing I visited the impressive Basilica, while the streets were busy with tourists visiting for an annual festival.

I continued on to my accommodation in the nearby village of Aiterhofen.