Wednesday 7th August 2019

Holy Places Visited

  • Kirche Sankt Immaculata [“Church of the Saint of the Immaculate”], Kapfelburg
  • Chapel, Lohstadt (exterior)
  • Katholische Kirche Mariä Himmelfahrt [“Catholic Church of Mary’s Assumption”], Sinzing
  • Alt Kirche [“Old Church”], Sinzing
  • Krankenhauskirche Sankt Pius V. [“Hospital Church of Saint Pius V”], Westernviertel, Regensburg
  • Schottenkirche Sankt Jacob [“Scots Church of Saint Jacob”], Regensburg (exterior)
  • Evangelisch-Lutherische Dreieinigkeitskirche [“Evangelical-Lutheran Trinity Church”], Regensburg (exterior)

Distance Travelled

Approximately 19½ km (12 miles)


Before setting off on the day’s walk I visited the local church in Kapfelburg. Approaching from the east I walked up many steps on a narrow path that has alongside it the fourteen Stations of the Cross.

With a thunderstorm passing overhead and regular rain showers, I continued on, following the Danube River downstream towards the city of Regensburg, passing a large solar farm by Gundelshausen.

I passed through Lohstadt and into Sinzing, where I visited the “Church of Mary’s Assumption” that had three statues of archangels on the front façade: Michael in the centre with Gabriel and, presumably, Raphael either side holding trumpets.

I carried on into Regensburg, crossing the Sinzinger railway bridge over the Danube River, and visited more churches before arriving at my accommodation late in the evening.