Tuesday 7th May 2019

Holy Places Visited

  • Liebfrauenkirche [“Dear Lady Church”], Koblenz
  • Herz-Jesu-Kirche [“Heart of Jesus Church”], Koblenz
  • Christuskirche [“Christ Church”], Koblenz (exterior)
  • Florinskirche [“Florinus’ Church”], Koblenz (exterior)
  • Basilika Sankt Kastor [“Basilica of Saint Castor”], Koblenz (exterior)

Distance Travelled

Not applicable (stayed in Koblenz).

Two short ferry trips across the Rhein river covered approximately 582 metres in total.


I crossed the Rhein on a small passenger ferry then visited numerous Evangelical and Catholic churches in the city of Koblenz. Each church was beautiful, as you can see from the photos. That evening I got talking to Christian on the return boat trip and he and his partner Vera kindly invited me around for dinner.

Thank you to Christian and Vera for providing food for a pilgrim.

The carbon emissions from the short river crossings by boat have been offset. More info.