Wednesday 8th May 2019

Holy Places Visited

  • Katholische Pfarramt Koblenz Rechte Rheinseite [“Catholic Parish Church of Koblenz on the Right Side of the Rhine”], Koblenz (exterior)
  • Evangelische Pfarrkirche St. Peter [“Evangelical Parish Church of St. Peter”], Bacharach
  • Wernerkapelle [“Werner Chapel”], Bacharach (exterior)
  • Katholische Pfarrkirche St. Nikolaus [“Catholic Parish Church of St. Nicholas”], Bacharach
  • Der Hohe Dom zu Mainz (Mainzer Dom) [“The High Cathedral of Mainz (Mainz Cathedral)”], Mainz (exterior)

Distance Travelled

Approximately 93½ km (58 miles) on boats and approximately 8 km (5 miles) on foot.


Took a short ferry across the Rhein into Koblenz then a day trip boat southwards along the river to the town of Bacharach. Here I visited the local churches then boarded another day trip boat further southwards to the city of Mainz.

The carbon emissions from the boat trips have been offset. More info.