Day 147: Reinsbronn to Reichardsroth

Date Monday 17th June 2019 Holy Places Visited Church, Reinsbronn (exterior) Kloster Evangelische Kirchengemeinde [“Monastery Evangelical Parish Church”], Frauental (exterior) Church, Langensteinach Distance Travelled Approximately 12 km (7½ miles) Route On a lovely, sunny day I walked eastwards, mostly following the small Steinach River, passing near the village of Niedersteinach to Frauental. Here there is …

Day 144: Laudenbach to Reinsbronn

Date Friday 14th June 2019 Holy Places Visited Evangelische Kirchengemeinde [“Evangelical Parish Church”], Niederrimbach Creglinger Stadtkirche Peter und Paul [“Creglinger Town Church of Peter and Paul”], Creglingen Distance Travelled Approximately 13½ km (8½ miles) Route Walked through open countryside and farmland, through the small towns of Niederrimbach and Creglingen to Reinsbronn.

Day 142: Bad Mergentheim [“Bath Mergentheim”] to Laudenbach

Date Wednesday 12th June 2019 Holy Places Visited Katholische Kirchengemeinde [“Catholic Parish Church”], Weikersheim Distance Travelled Approximately 14½ km (9 miles) Route Headed out of Bad Mergentheim, passing through the beautiful Kurpark [“Spa Park”] and Japangarten [“Japan Garden”], then approximately followed the River Tauber to Laudenbach, passing by the villages of Igersheim and Weikersheim.

Day 141: Bad Mergentheim [“Bath Mergentheim”]

Date Tuesday 11th June 2019 Holy Places Visited Schloßkirche [“Castle Church”], Bad Mergentheim Kapuzinerkirche mit Kloster [“Capuchin Church with Monastery”], Bad Mergentheim Münster St. Johannes [“Minster of St. John”], Bad Mergentheim Distance Travelled Not applicable (stayed in Bad Mergentheim) Route Walked around the town, visiting the beautifully ornate Evangelical church in the old castle, a …

Day 140: Lauda-Königshofen to Bad Mergentheim [“Bath Mergentheim”]

Date Monday 10th June 2019 Holy Places Visited Katholische Kirche St. Mauritius [“Catholic Church of St. Maurice”], Königshofen Antoniuskapelle [“Anthony’s Chapel”], Königshofen Distance Travelled Approximately 12 km (7½ miles) Route I had a nice chat with Ganesan from Singapore at breakfast, then walked on through farmland to the town of Königshofen, visiting the church dedicated …