Friday 26th April 2019

Holy Places Visited

  • Marienkirche [“Mary’s Church”], Linz am Rhein
  • Sankt Martin Kirche [“Saint Martin’s Church”], Linz am Rhein
  • Sankt Antonius Kirche [“Saint Anthony’s Church”], Linz am Rhein (exterior)

Distance Travelled

Approximately 25 km (15½ miles) by boat and approximately 3 km (2 miles) on foot.


Took another trip on a day boat from Bonn, upstream and southwards on the Rhein to Linz. In the process I travelled from the federal state of Nordrhein-Westfalen into Rheinland-Pfalz. The towns and villages along the river are beautiful, and we passed many barges and trains, with the mainline following the river.

In Linz I visited a modern church dedicated to St. Mary and two older churches dedicated to St. Martin and St. Anthony.

The carbon emissions from the boat trip have been offset. More info.