Thursday 28th November 2019

Holy Places Visited

  • Budapesti Jézus Szíve Templom [“Budapest Heart of Jesus Church”], Csillaghegy, Budapest
  • Budapesti Hare Krisna Templom [“Budapest Hare Krishna Temple”], Csillaghegy, Budapest

Distance Travelled

Stayed in the Csillaghegy suburb of Budapest


I visited the nearby Christian Church dedicated to the Heart of Jesus and the Hindu Temple dedicated to Krishna.

In the Temple I met Istvan and Godai who were very supportive of the pilgrimage. Aggie arrived from Tilós Radió and Godai showed us both around the temple before Aggie interviewed me for a radio show (to listen to the interview online, please visit the Media page).

Many thanks to Aggie, Istvan and Godai for their help and support.