Monday 28th October 2019

Holy Places Visited

  • Evangélikus Leányegyházközség Temploma [“Evangelical Parish Church”], Győrújfalu (exterior)
  • Krisztus Király Templom [“Christ the King Church”], Győrújfalu (exterior)
  • Szentháromság Templom [“Holy Trinity Church”], Győr (exterior)

Distance Travelled

Approximately 13½ km (8½ miles)


This day felt more autumnal, with occasional light rain and temperatures down to around 14°C (57°F). The unusually hot days of the last week had passed. I headed out of Győr on foot, again following the quiet Eurovelo cycle route.

I passed through a small town called Győrújfalu, which approximately translates as “Győr New Village”. Near the centre is an Evangelical [Lutheran] Church and a Catholic Church, both very close to each other, which was a nice sight. Both buildings are of modern designs and were constructed within the last 85 years.

I walked on to the city of Győr, visiting an 18th Century Baroque-style Church along the way.