Friday 16th August 2019

Holy Places Visited

  • Alter Dom [“Old Cathedral”], Linz
  • Stadtpfarrkirche [“City Parish Church”], Linz

Distance Travelled

Approximately 91½ km (57 miles) by boat and approximately 10½ km (6½ miles) on foot.


I took a morning boat trip from Passau along the Danube to Linz, passing from Deutschland to Österreich [Germany to Austria] in the process.

After disembarking in Linz I headed to my accommodation to the east of the city centre, walking along the bank of the river. As the clouds cleared to produce a sunny afternoon, I headed back into the centre, visiting the impressive “Old Cathedral” and the “City Parish Church”.

I went to an all-vegan eatery where I had some delicious food and got chatting to Kieran and Phoenix, who were also visiting from the UK. On the way back to my accommodation I was fortunate to witness a beautiful sunset over the Danube.