Friday 31st May 2019

Holy Places Visited

  • Heilig Kreuz – Katholische Kirche [“Holy Cross – Catholic Church”], Kreuzwertheim
  • Neuapostolische Kirche [“New Apostolic Church”], Kreuzwertheim (exterior)
  • Stiftskirche – Evangelische Kirche [“Abbey Church – Evangelical Church”], Wertheim
  • Katholische Kirche St. Dorothea [“Catholic Church of St. Dorothea”], Dörlesberg
  • Chapel, near Dörlesberg
  • Chapel, Roter Rain (exterior)
  • Katharinenkapelle [“Katherine’s Chapel”], Külsheim

Distance Travelled

Approximately 16½ km (10½ miles)


Walked through Kreuzwertheim, revisiting two churches, before walking across the Main River bridge that connects the town with Wertheim and the state of Baden-Württemberg.

Here visited a beautiful square and impressive Evangelical Church. Then walked on southwards following the Tauber river, a tributary for the Main, before heading through some woodland to the village of Sachsenhausen.

Continued south through the village of Dörlesburg, with it’s Catholic Church and chapel before continuing on via some more woodland and the hamlet of Roter Rain to the town of Külsheim.