Memorial Intermission

Sadly, on Wednesday 21st August, I received news that a friend of mine, Danny, had passed away two days previously due to an illness. I decided to postpone the pilgrimage and set off for the UK that evening, taking multiple trains, buses and a coach to arrive the next day. I prayed for Danny and later attended his memorial service.

Afterwards I travelled back to Austria, using multiple trains, taxis and a coach, to meet my friends Luke, Lorna, Jack, Jamie and Stefan for a few days in Wien. I then returned by train to Linz, where I took a round trip by tram to see the famous eco-friendly area called SolarCity, before returning to the city centre. (I have carbon-offsetted the transport I used.)

I restarted the pilgrimage on 12th September, when I returned again to the traditional methods of walking and boat trips.

Rest in peace Danny. We miss you.

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