Memorial Intermission Transport Carbon-Offsetting

Here are details of the various modes of transport I used during the Memorial Intermission.

Each type is followed by three figures:

  • Approximate carbon dioxode equivalent (CO₂e) emissions (per kilometre or per passenger per kilometre).
  • Approximate distance I travelled using this type of transport during the Intermission.
  • Approximate CO₂e emissions needing to be offset.

International Trains

  • 0.006kg CO₂e per passenger per km
  • 2799km
  • 16.79kg of CO₂e

National Trains

  • 0.041kg CO₂e per passenger per km
  • 1357km
  • 55.64kg of CO₂e

Metro/Subway Trains

  • 0.031kg CO₂e per passenger per km
  • 18km
  • 0.56kg of CO₂e


  • 0.035kg CO₂e per passenger per km
  • 22km
  • 0.77kg of CO₂e


  • 0.028kg CO₂e per passenger per km
  • 768km
  • 21.50kg of CO₂e


  • 0.105kg CO₂e per passenger per km
  • 85km
  • 8.93kg of CO₂e


  • 0.150kg CO₂e per km
  • 5 km
  • 0.75kg of CO₂e

Cars (Petrol Fuel)

  • 0.181kg CO₂e per km
  • 831 km
  • 150.41kg of CO₂e


  • 255.35kg of CO₂e emissions

CO₂e emission estimates for each transport type obtained in November 2019 from the website of Carbon Footprint Ltd.

On Tuesday 12th November 2019 I offset 1 ton of CO₂e emissions, by contributing towards a project that is planting biodiverse forests in Panama, to account for the above estimated emissions of approximately 255.35kg of CO₂e.

Further information about carbon-offsetting can be found on the Carbon-Offsetting of Boat Trips page.