Tuesday 5th November 2019

Holy Places Visited

  • Komáromi Református Templom [“Komárom Reformed Church”], Komárom (exterior)
  • Synagóga [“Synagogue”], Komárno (exterior)
  • Pravoslávny Kostol [“Orthodox Church”], Komárno (exterior)
  • Kostol [“Church”], Komárno (exterior)
  • Bazilika Svätý Ondreja [“Basilica of Saint Andrew”], Komárno
  • Kaplnka Svätej Anny [“Chapel of Saint Anne”], Komárno (exterior)

Distance Travelled

Approximately 7 km (4½ miles)


I walked through Komárom, visiting the Reformed Church, then crossed the Danube River on Erszébet Híd/Alžbetin Most (named “Elizabeth Bridge” in both the Hungarian and Slovak languages).

By crossing the Danube I had passed back into Slovensko [Slovakia], in the Nitriansky kraj [Nitra Region], into the town of Komárno. Here I visited a Synagogue, two Churches, a Basilica and a Chapel.

I later visited Nádvorie Európy [“Europe Place”], which is a courtyard where the buildings are designed to represent the styles of various European countries, in a celebration of Unity in Diversity.

In the evening I met my friend Baz from Yorkshire, U.K.

Thank you to Helena and Ladislav for providing food and Baz for joining the pilgrimage.