Friday 1st November 2019

Holy Places Visited

  • Keresztelő Szent János Római Katolikus Templom [“Saint John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church”], Győrszentiván (exterior)
  • Szent János Apostol és Szent Liborius Püspök Templom [“Saint John the Apostle and Saint Liborius the Bishop Church”], Nagyszentjános (exterior)

Distance Travelled

Approximately 16 km (10 miles)


I revisited the local church then walked eastwards out of the town, through open countryside and then through a large forest. On the other side I walked through the town of Nagyszentjános, which translates as “Great Saint John”.

Here I visited a lovely, modern brick and timber church, which is dedicated to both the Apostle Saint John and Saint Liborius, the 4th Century Bishop of Le Mans in France.

I continued upon a long track between open fields, passing from the area of Nyugat-Dunántúl [Western Transdanubia] into Közép-Dunántúl [Central Transdanubia]. I then reached my accommodation in the small village of Thökölytelep.