Tuesday 13th August 2019

Holy Places Visited

  • Magdalena Kirche [“Magdalene Church”], Plattling
  • Sankt Wendelin Kapelle [“Saint Wendelin Chapel”], Schiltorn
  • Fischerdorfer Kapelle [“Fischerdorfer Chapel”], Fischerdorf, Deggendorf (exterior)

Distance Travelled

Approximately 12 km (7½ miles)


My accommodation the previous night was managed by Wolfgang, and we had a nice chat as I was checking out.

From Plattling I headed north-east through the town, visiting an impressive church dedicated to Saint Mary Magdalene. I walked ont through the countryside, stopping at the chapel in Schiltorn.

Along the way I found a dragonfly that seemed like it needed reviving, so I carried it for a bit seeing if it had the strength to fly or not, then eventually left it in some grass and poured water on some stones next to it for a drink.

In Deggendorf I visited another chapel before crossing the Hauptstraße bridge over the Danube River to my accommodation near the river.