Wednesday 3rd July 2019

Holy Places Visited

  • Evangelisch-Lutherische Pfarramt Auferstehungskirche [“Evangelical Lutheran Parish of the Resurrection Church”], Fürth
  • Sankt Anton Katholische Kirche [“Saint Anton Catholic Church”], Bärenschanze, Nürnberg
  • Every Nation Kirche [“Every Nation Church”], Bärenschanze, Nürnberg (exterior)
  • Dreieinigkeitskirche Nürnberg-Gostenhof [“Trinity Church Nuremberg-Gostenhof”], Bärenschanze, Nürnberg (exterior)

Distance Travelled

Approximately 9 km (5½ miles)


After visiting the local church, I headed out of Fürth alongside the Pegnitz River and into Nüremberg. Passed through the suburbs of Bärenschanze and Gostenhof to the centre, visiting three more churches along the way.