Friday 28th June 2019

Holy Places Visited

  • Spitalkirche [“Hospital Church”], Wilhermsdorf (exterior)
  • Evangelische Hauptkirche [“Evangelical Main Church”], Wilhermsdorf (exterior)
  • Nikolauskirche [“Nicholas Church”], Keidenzell
  • Markgrafenkirche [“Margrave’s Church”], Cadolzburg (exterior)

Distance Travelled

Approximately 15 km (9½ miles)


Walked through the Bavarian countryside, where I came across the Evangelical church in the village of Keidenzell. The church was closed, but the neighbour kindly unlocked it for me so I could make a quick visit.

I walked on to the village of Stinzendorf where I got talking to a lady called Anne about the pilgrimage, who then kindly invited me in for a coffee and a chat.

From there I carried on to the large town of Cadolzburg and on to my accommodation in the adjoining village of Egersdorf.