Tuesday 14th May 2019

Holy Places Visited

  • Katholische Pfarramt St. Boniface [“Catholic Parish Church of St. Boniface”], Neustadt, Mainz
  • Kirche St. Peter [“Church of St. Peter”], Altstadt, Mainz
  • Kirche St. Quintin [“Church of St. Quentin”], Altstadt, Mainz (exterior)
  • Kirche St. Johannis [“Church of St. John”], Altstadt, Mainz (exterior)
  • Augustinerkirche [“Augustine’s Church”], Altstadt, Mainz
  • Der Hohe Dom zu Mainz (Mainzer Dom) [“The High Cathedral of Mainz (Mainz Cathedral)”], Altstadt, Mainz
  • Kirche St. Christoph [“Church of St. Christopher”], Altstadt, Mainz
  • Kirche St. Ignaz [“Church of St. Ignatius”], Altstadt, Mainz (exterior)

Distance Travelled

Not applicable (stayed in Mainz)


Walked from the Neustadt [“New Town”] area of Mainz to the city centre, known as Altstadt [“Old Town”]. Visited many beautiful and ornate churches and the impressive cathedral, Mainzer Dom.

As well as visiting two all-vegan cafes and an all-vegan pizzeria, I visited the Gutenberg Museum to see two Bibles from the 1450s that are among the first ever books to be printed (rather than handwritten) in Europe.

Thanks to Assia and Yannick for the tasty vegan food!