Friday 3rd May 2019

Holy Places Visited

  • Site of Ehemalige Synagoge der Jüdischen Gemeinde [“Site of the Former Synagogue of the Jewish Community”], Vallendar
  • Pallottikirche an Haus Wasserburg [“Pallotti Church at Haus Wasserburg”], Vallendar
  • Urheiligtum [“Original Sanctuary”] Chapel, Schönstatt
  • Pilgerheim Kapelle [“Pilgrim’s Home Chapel”], Schönstatt

Distance Travelled

Approximately 3 km (2 miles)


I walked through Vallendar, visiting the site of a former Synagogue before carrying on up the hill to the Pallotti Church. I visited the Urheiligtum chapel then the Pilgrimage Centre and Pilgrim’s Home at Schönstatt, which literally translates as ‘Beautiful Place’.

I met Sister Lourdes from México who explained that the Urheiligtum chapel that I had visited earlier has been a place of pilgrimage for over a hundred years, and replica chapels have been built all over the world, including numerous other ones here in Schönstatt.

I was welcome to stay for a few nights and to take meals in the communal dining room. Here I met Monike and Luka from Deutschland and Mariana and Leo from México.