Thursday 28th March 2019

Holy Places Visited

  • Sint-Willibrorduskerk [“Saint Willibrord’s Church”], Veldhoven
  • Oude Sint-Willibrorduskerk [“Old Saint Willibrord’s Church”], Waalre (exterior)
  • Heilige Willibrorduskerk [“Saint Willibrord’s Church”], Waalre

Distance Travelled

Approximately 17½ km (11 miles)


I walked south along the tree-lined Beatrixkanaal [“Beatrix Canal”] then on through the Eindhoven suburbs of Meerhoven, Heistraat and Muggenhol and through an industrial estate before reaching the open countryside. I walked through the village of Waalre then the forest of Philips de Jong Wandelpark [“Walk Park”] to Valkenswaard.