Friday 18th October 2019

Holy Places Visited

  • Dóm Svätý Martina [“Cathedral of Saint Martin”], Bratislava
  • Site of a Former Synagogue, Rybné Námestie, Bratislava
  • Farský Kostol Svätehó Jána z Mathy [“Parish Church of Saint John of Matha”], Bratislava (exterior)
  • Reformavaná Kresťanská Cirkev [“Reformed Christian Church”], Bratislava (exterior)
  • Kostol Navštívenia Panny Márie [“Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary”], Bratislava
  • Kostol Loretánskej Panny Márie [“Church of Loreto of the Virgin Mary”], Bratislava
  • Kostol Zvestovania [“Church of the Annunciation”], Bratislava
  • Kostol Najsvätejšieho Spasiteľa [“Church of the Holy Saviour”], Bratislava (exterior)

Distance Travelled

Stayed in Bratislava


We joined a morning walking tour around the city, led by our knowledgeable guide Patrick. We visited the large cathedral, dedicated to Martin of Tours, the 4th Century Saint.

Nearby is a memorial that stands on the site of a former Synagogue, which has engraved in it the word “Remember” in both Slovak (“Pamätaj”) and Hebrew (“זכור”).

The tour took us up the hill by the castle, which gave us a good view of the city and Danube River, before we walked back into the city centre. Numerous beautiful churches were visited in the afternoon.

Thank you to Patrick for being our guide and thank you to Claire and Graeme for joining the pilgrimage for a fifth consecutive day.