Sunday 13th October 2019

Holy Places Visited

  • Kostol Nanebovzatia Panny Márie – Notre Dame [“Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary – Notre Dame”], Bratislava

Distance Travelled

Approximately 57 km (35½ miles) by boat and approximately 7 km (4½ miles) on foot.


I set off early towards the Danube River for my nexr boat trip, this time to Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia.

It was misty as I walked through the suburbs and parklands to the boarding point near the Donaustadtbrücke [“Danube City Bridge”].

On the boat I met Tracey from New York and Nicholas and Catherine and family from Vienna, and we shared advice on what to see and do in Bratislava.

We cruised downstream on the Danube, passing from the State of Wien into Niederösterreich [Lower Austria] and then from Austria into Slovakia and the Bratislavský kraj [Bratislava Region]. The mist eventually lifted and the rest of the day was warm and sunny.

Once we alighted I headed to my accommodation near the centre, before visiting a local church dedicated to Mary’s Assumption.

Afterwards I sat on a bench and was approached by a man called Pete who asked me if I could spare some money. I asked what it was needed for and he replied ‘beer’. I appreciated his honesty, but explained that I wouldn’t give him money for that, but that I could go with him to a local shop and buy him some (vegan) food if he would like. He agreed, so that’s what we went and did, and he was very grateful afterwards.