Wednesday 2nd October 2019

Holy Places Visited

  • Chapel, Oberthalheim
  • Basilica of Maria Taferl (exterior)

Distance Travelled

Approximately 11 km (7 miles)


On am overcast day I set off on foot from Pöchlarn towards the pilgrimage destination of Maria Taferl. I crossed the Road 209 bridge, over the Danube, then walked through the town of Klein-Pöchlarn [“Small-Pöchlarn”] before following track up the hill through forests and fields.

There was occasional rain as I pressed on, rarely seeing any other walkers due to the time of year. I passed through the village of Oberthalheim and reached my destination.

The Basilica was unfortunately already closed for the night, but I was able to appreciate the amazing view over the Danube and enjoy the sunset.

Plus, there was a rainbow, a near-universal sign of peace.