Monday 16th September 2019

Holy Places Visited

  • Pfarrkirche Sankt Valentin [“Parish Church of Saint Valentine”], Sankt Valentin

Distance Travelled

Approximately 6½ km (4 miles)


I walked south-eastwards out of Enns, passing over the River of the same name, which is a tributary for the Danube, and which also marked the boundary between the states of Oberösterreich and Niederösterreich (Upper Austria and Lower Austria).

I carried on through suburbs and industrial areas, then crossed a wide man-made canal, the Oberwasserkanal [“Upstream Channel”], before arriving at my destination. Here I visited the old local church, then afterwards got talking about the pilgrimage to a chef in a restaurant named Hakan, who made some tasty food.

The small town is named after the 3rd Century Saint, Valentine, who is traditionally known as a patron saint of marriages and love, and who’s Saint’s Day on 14th February has been celebrated as a day for romance for over 500 years.